Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote in londoncurry,
Hey, Viking guy

Lunch break curry

Oh my my, haven't we been quiet for a while...

Have no-one been for a good curry in nearly three months?

Anyway, if anyone works in the Canary Wharf area I can happily recommend popping by Waitrose.
They have curry every day for lunch and sometimes it's really really good.
Their Chicken Madras yesterday was a bit hot, very spicy and very very tasty.
I was slightly surprised by the hotness since Waitrose probably doesn't cater for the serious curry eater.
The chicken was remarkably succulent and tender and the rice/chicken/sauce ratio was spot on.

The only slightly disappointing lunch curry I've had there was todays as they had run out of pilau rice and was serving egg fried rice with the korma-like curry today :(

So I'm now full of curry which makes up (A little bit) for stressing over work :)

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