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Great Nepalese Restaurant, by Euston Station

So, the Great Nepalese Restaurant by Euston Station? Does exactly what it says on the tin sign.

I was meeting my Dad, for food, at Euston Station. A desperate preliminary search of the surrounding area revealed a lot of porn shops, lap dancers, 'spas', transvestite shops, and so on. Also one modern stylish Italian (yawn), a great pub with Thai (possible) and the Great Nepalese Restaurant (which had an article outside about it by Michael Palin). So I knew which one I wanted, and Dad concurred.

I went for the Special Nepalese Chicken Curry- Hot.
Looking at the menu, it was a bit of a standard choice. Fresh chillis, garlic, onion, spices etc. But it actually was very interesting, a wonderful blend of spices that I couldn't pin down at all. And certainly plenty hot enough.
I went for the homemade mango sorbet for pudding, just to cool me down a bit. I liked it a lot, full of flavour and did the job.

Dad fell into reminising-about-being-stationed-with-the-Gurkhas, and ordered a mutton curry and a vegetable dish. Can't remember which ones, sorry. But he seemed happy, and it was how he remembered Gurkha food. Which is a good thing, right?

I think it was about twenty quid each, with wine and rice and naans.

Music was, I assume, Nepalese. Nothing to complain about, added a bit of atmosphere. Decor was fairly traditional, not over the top or kitsch and with plenty of Nepalese touches. And proud pictures of Gurkhas receiving VCs.

So yes, very happy with the meal. We'll be back there next time Dad's in London.


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